I have been a NZ registered nurse for 12 years and have been specialising in cosmetic injecting since 2018. 

I've worked with women from all walks of life and have found most of us share some common struggles. We all lead busy lives juggling families, careers, study, relationships, friendships, hobbies and more. 

It's no wonder many of us neglect our health and wellbeing! 


Well sister! Everyone deserves to feel their best, and having beautiful glowing skin is one way to feel amazing every day!  As we are exposed to common skin pollutants in our natural environment it can take some effort to maintain our natural skin glow.   Over time our skin begins to lose firmness and elasticity, and produces less elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. This often results in a loss of volume in the lips and face, and dryness and dullness in the skin's appearance. 

Cosmetic injectables and skin micro-needling are safe and highly effective treatments which can be used to help target these signs, and help restore a softer, more radiant and fresh appearance.

For glowing skin it's important to eat lots of nutrient dense food, drink an adequate amount of water, protect our skin from the sun, have a good skin care routine and reduce unnecessary toxins.


For additional skin support, talk to me about how cosmetic injections and micro-needling can help enhance your natural beauty and unveil your radiant glow! 

Get Glowing & Radiant Skin At The Glow Up By Kuini

I absolutely love the results that can be achieved, and the GLOW that people feel after just one visit.


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