Hey Gorgeous Glow Up Queens! 


So HERE's a TRUTH bomb: I never ever saw myself in the beauty industry!  ​I'm really the girl who can never get her hair to sit right, or her make up on point. 


Though I do get compliments on my skin, I've always thought my skin was awful; think break-outs, sun damage, and of course that wretched time catching up with me. 

My interest has always been in health and wellness.  I've been a Registered Nurse for 12+ years and have worked with people from all walks of life, and for the most part have found it very rewarding.  


I have learned through hearing the stories of thousands of women that most of us share some common struggles. We juggle families, careers, study, relationships, friendships, health, hobbies, fitness, finances, meal prepping, happiness, heartache, and on and on so it goes. 


As the icing on that cake we also get bombarded by perfectly stunning creatures gracing our screens, perfect hair, skin, teeth, and bod, for however many hours per day we are on there (too many at my end!). 

So here I am, in the beauty industry, (how?) asking myself however am I, and my lovely clients, meant to keep up with the Kardashians or the Housewives of Wherever, or whoever else is trending right now.


Well sister! We're not. Simple. 

Except that, (ohhh and we feel so vain even admitting it) we still want to feel and look our best as time goes on right?  

Women ask me all the time, am I vain for getting injections? Am I vain for spending this money on myself? 

My answer is, am I vain for getting my roots touched up, my nails done, or spending money on a new dress? No, no and NO. 

So my question is:


Does having healthy glowing skin feel exciting to you? 

Do you want to slow and soften the effects of skin ageing that comes from sun and pollutant damage? 

Would you like to feel skin confident with or without make up?

Do you want to embrace and accentuate your beautiful features? 

Are you worth investing some time and money in?


Thats a YES YES and YES from me.  


Everyone deserves to feel their best, and having beautiful glowing skin is one way to feel amazing every day!  

Cosmetic injectables and skin micro-needling are safe and highly effective treatments which can be used to help maintain, and restore a softer, more radiant and fresh appearance.


If you would like to talk to me about my treatments can help enhance your natural beauty and unveil your radiant glow contact me today!  

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I absolutely love the results that can be achieved, and the GLOW that people feel after just one visit.